Crossbow Appliance (Overbite Corrector)



The crossbow or Higgins appliance is used to correct overbite or overjet. This appliance contains an upper and lower portion, the upper portion functioning as a palatal expander. Both portions are bonded on the back molars, without drilling, using a duel cured cement.

The upper portion contains a hole in the center where a key is inserted and turned, expanding the palate by small increments. Spring-type arms are then placed, connecting the upper and lower portions. As you bite, these springs encourage the lower jaw to move forward and the upper jaw or teeth backwards.
A screw that is connected to the lower portion allows the activation of the arms to be increased or decreased depending on your unique needs and may be adjusted during your treatment. Once your bite relationship is ideal, the appliance will be removed.
This appliance may be used in conjunction with upper braces or, once the appliance is removed, full braces or Invisalign may be used to align your teeth.