Do you offer sedation?

We offer Nitrous Oxide Sedation (Laughing Gas) in-office. Nitrous Oxide is a mild form of sedation, where children remain completely awake - and it can help children who have mild dental anxiety. It can make children feel relaxed, and it also has mild pain relief properties. The effects of Laughing Gas wears off quickly after it has stopped being administered.

General Anesthesia is an option for children who have extremely high dental anxiety and cannot tolerate dental treatment in-office, or for very young children who do not understand how to cooperate in a dental setting. Our Pediatric Dentists will travel to a non-hospital accredited surgical facility and complete the dental treatment necessary while the child is under General Anesthesia.

The General Anesthetic is administered by an Anesthesiologist who monitors the children closely while they are asleep, and a Registered Nurse assists the Anesthesiologist with starting the procedure, as well as in the recovery room. Under General Anesthetic - children are completely unaware of and cannot feel the dental treatment being performed.

Before these procedures, all children must be seen by their physician and have an assessment completed to assure that they are cleared to have dental treatment under General Anesthesia.