What are extractions in orthodontics?

Sometimes, a combination of teeth needs to be extracted for ideal treatment. The Orthodontist will look at the specific needs of each person and will consider the entire face, lips, and jaws, as well as the entire mouth.

Why is this necessary?

  • With severe crowding, there isn’t enough room in the mouth to straighten the teeth
  • There may be a significant distance between the top and bottom jaw
  • If teeth are missing, another tooth may be extracted to balance the bite


Is there another option?

If you decide you don’t want to have teeth removed, consider these risks:

  • You may not have achieved an ideal bite
  • You may still have an “overjet,” meaning that your top teeth my stick out further than the bottom.
  • Your teeth may look “flared out” at the end of your treatment
  • Your gum tissue may be thin around some teeth. This could result in the need for a future gum graft.


How does it work?

As part of your specific treatment plan, all spaces will be closed. Teeth can be removed by your General Dentist. Extractions usually fall under the basic portion of your insurance coverage.

Here’s a patient who had 4 teeth removed:

Extractions - Orthodontics