What is a Facemask Appliance?

This treatment will expand and move your child’s upper jaw forward, in order to correct a severe bite problem.


Why does my child need this?

Early orthodontics can treat habits as well as problems such as crowded teeth, narrow or underdeveloped jaws, large or overdeveloped jaws, crossbites and overbites. This appliance will help your child by creating space and:

  • Helping reduce or eliminate the need for jaw surgery in the future.
  • Correcting crossbite or overbite
  • Lowering the chances of needing future orthodontic treatment or making future treatment simpler


How does it work?

The headgear is worn in the evening and overnight in the privacy of your own home. Elastics are attached to hooks, which will move your child’s upper jaw forward while they grow.

Here’s a patient who was treated with a facemask:

Facemask (2)