Foods to Avoid that Cause Broken Brackets

foods to avoid

When you get your braces placed, there are certain foods that you must avoid, or you will be making constant trips to the dental office for broken brackets and wires poking you. If a bracket pops off, or a wire pokes out, it’s usually because of something you’ve eaten, so be careful. If that happens, please call us immediately and we will provide you with instructions on what to do next.

Broken Brackets and Wires Poking

When you bite into something hard, a bracket may break away from the tooth and “float” along the wire. You may also cause the wire to come out and it may poke your cheeks and gums. You will have to book an appointment to come to our office so that we can fix this. By avoiding certain foods, you can save yourself from frequent visits and discomfort. There may also be a charge for continued loss of brackets.

foods to avoid (2)

Examples of Foods to Avoid

  • Hard foods: popcorn, nuts, ice cubes and hard candies
  • Sticky foods: caramel, sugary gum, beef jerky, jujubes and licorice
  • Avoid chewing on pencils and fingernails
  • Cut apples, carrots and any other hard fruits or vegetables into small pieces before eating them

Examples of Foods to Be Careful of

  • Pizza crust and meat on bones
  • Break chips into small pieces
  • Sugar-free gum is allowed