Full Braces



While placing your brackets, it is important that your teeth remain dry during the bonding appointment. We will place cheek retractors to gently pull your cheeks away from your teeth. Cotton rolls or a tongue suction will be used to help us control your saliva and absorb excess water.

We will use pumice in a rubber cup to polish your teeth before we get started, each tooth that will have a bracket will be polished with this method. An etching solution will then be placed on your teeth and will sit for 20-30 seconds before being rinsed off using water and suction (this may have a sour taste!). We will then dry and paint a primer on your teeth which will not be rinsed off. Adhesive will be placed on the bracket pad and the bracket will then be placed on the tooth.
The assistant will clean up any extra adhesive from around the brackets and the doctor will come in to properly position the brackets on your teeth. We will then cure each bracket until all your teeth are bonded.