Herbst Appliance (Overbite Corrector)



The Herbst appliance is a growth modification appliance used to correct an overbite as it advances the lower jaw. It also has an expandable area used to widen the upper jaw. The upper and lower portion contains metal caps that are glued to the back teeth. Metal arms are attached on both sides, connecting the upper and lower portions. 

Talking and swallowing may be difficult at first but will resolve with time. The expandable portion on the top of your mouth has a keyhole. The key is inserted and turned, expanding the upper jaw. You may feel pressure in your teeth, upper jaw, and sinus area when turning. 

Some discomfort may occur while getting used to this appliance, painkillers can be taken if needed. Your front teeth may also develop a gap which will be later closed by braces or Invisalign. Avoid sticky and hard foods while you have this appliance.