Invisible Aligners



Tooth-coloured attachments will be glued to some of your teeth to aid in aligner retention and tooth movement. These invisible aligners are clear and removable with added precise pressure to your teeth.

Each aligner is designed to gradually move your teeth closer towards alignment. Each set will have a different number of aligners that you will proceed through yourself at home. The aligner is placed over the top of your teeth and the bonded attachments. The frequency at which you change your aligners will be determined by your doctor at your first appointment. 

During your treatment, you will be re-scanned for a new set of aligners several times depending on the severity of your case. Attachment placement may be changed for each new set. Aligners should fit snug up against teeth with no visible spaces between teeth and aligner. 

You are required to wear these aligners 20 to 22 hours per day for proper results. Teeth may be sore for the first few days of a new aligner. Proper insert and removal of your aligners will be demonstrated to you at your first appointment.